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Assigment 2: Portraits

Mark: 90/100 - Excellent work!

Amount of portraits: 25/25
Because Sisa did 8 portraits and I only asked for three he gets full marks for this section

Quality of emotions: 20/25
Sisa did an excellent job, shooting in manual, but sometimes when you're too focused on the camera settings you will notice later that the emotions of the people you were shooting weren't captured as very happy. You always want to make sure you are talking to your subjects and making them smile and laugh.

Quality of shots: 20/25
Excellent job and control of camera settings, one or two shots had a shutter speed that was too low.

Bravery: 25/25
Sisa asked plenty of strangers to allow him to take portraits of them, this takes a lot of bravery and I'm satisfied that he learned to be more comfortable chatting to strangers and taking photos of them. It's a big and useful life skill.

Assignment 1: Product Shots.

Mark: 67%


  • Take more photos
    • zoom in
    • zoom out
    • get low,
    • get high
    • change your angles
    • change your crop
  • Get online and look up reference before shooting
    • go to google and type something like ‘cool product shots’
    • epic coaster product shot
    • product photography coasters
  • By placing the two coaster boxes side by side it makes them look like one product
  • Pay attention to how you place the products so that it showcases the product better
  • Put the coasters separate to the packaging for a few shots, put some distance between them


Sisa operated as assistant to Lihle where he was effectively a human lightstand, carrying Lihle's speedlight and aiming it at his the people he was shooting.

This was a good opportunity for Sisa to understand how light works, how angles completely change and affect the way the person looks and how distance plays a role in speedlight brightness on the subject.

Photos taken were streaming to a tablet and users swiped an RFID bangle to receive their photos. 

This was a Nedbank Cup event, and he was able to mingle amongst celebrities comfortably and confidently.


Sisa operated as Lihle's assistant at a Social Wiiv activation where he learned how to shoot in a photobooth environment with an off camera flash.

This was a good opportunity for him to see the sort of activation work that photographers often find themselves doing, a type of work that can provide a stable source of shooting and income for a lot of young photographers.


I was tasked with supervising and advising Sisa through a corporate shoot today for the Hyprop end year function. I took my camera along just in case but Sisa did most of the shooting. We started off with an off camera flash and shoot through umbrella set up for photobooth style pics with the landscape of the cradle behind. I had him shooting from low so there would be some out of focus grass in the foreground to set the scene, but because of the way he was squatting he got some camera shake in the shots. When we arrived home I showed and explained to him what the problem was so he understood to avoid it next time.

We also had a full lesson in manual, and Sis successfully balanced light using ISO, shutter speed and aperture, as well as learning how to put the camera in and out of Auto-ISO so that it wouldn't cause problems for the other guys.