John Oxenhams 40th Birthday

When Stephany contacted me to take photos of her husband's 40th birthday I didn't really know what to expect. What my assistant, Lihle, and I walked into was an amazing family function, filled with great vibes, loving family and beautiful people.

The birthday boy himself

The birthday boy himself

The venue was beautifully done up but that never came close to matching the emotional power of the event. It turned out to be a powerful, heartfelt birthday party, that went through all the motions with smiles, powerful and emotional speeches, words that inspired amazing laughter and the sort of dancing that only a group of true legends could pull off.

Check those moves

Seriously, these guys can dance.

John, wishing you an awesome year, you've been through a lot and found ways to re-shape your life so that it remains filled with all the things you love and that is truly inspirational.