Candice & Ross @ The Royal Johannesburg

Candice and Ross, photographing your wedding was beautiful for me! Seeing the depth of your relationships with those closest to you and the people that love you most, showed me the beauty in your respective natures and why they love you so much.

Ross, your can do attitude and openness to the unexpected emotion that the wedding day inspired in you was really beautiful, and dropping a speech like that totally off the cuff, with so much heart, was awesome. Candice - your calmness and appreciation of the day as it panned out was amazing to watch. I truly believe that you enjoyed and experienced your day with an incredible sense of mind which is the most important factor of truly savouring every moment. Your lovely smile and easy way of being made for beautiful, natural bridal portraits that I always say are the best kind :)

It was an absolute honour to be a part of your celebration, and to rejoice alongside you! Wishing you guys and your families so much goodness for the future! Enjoy the pics!