George & Charlene @ Shepstone Gardens

From the moment Charlene contacted me I knew I was going to enjoy photographing her and George’s wedding, and the day didn’t disappoint me in the least. 

As soon as I arrived in the morning there was a powerful excitement emanating from everybody there. Charlene was running around and making sure everything would be perfect - and it was.

Charlene and George - the vibe, flow and energy of your wedding was one of the best I’ve seen and it was one of the most stylish and smooth that I’ve been to.

Your perfectly matched chemistry is plain to see, the way you hold each other and interact with each other is so endearing, and it inspired the warm glow that can only be attained through the inspiration of true love in everybody that surrounded you on this special day! 

Wishing you guys a lifetime of awesomeness together! 

We’ve used your first dance song to create this sneak peak, enjoy the pics!