Leanne & Nachi's Wedding

When we first met with Leanne and Nachi we left the meeting with a distinct sense of excitement at the prospect of shooting their wedding. It was clear they were a couple made up of great intellectual thinking and a strong sense of family, and a deep love for each other. 

Guys, your wedding blew me away. The presence of mind which was shown by both of you throughout the day was eclipsed by the intensity with which your wedding day was felt. 

In Jewish tradition there is a huge amount of power that passes through the marriage couple before the ceremony as well as when they stand under the Chupah. 

It's traditional for the couple to hold in their thoughts good prayers and blessings for those that need it. To use this huge amount of power for the utmost good.

As I watched both Leanne and Nachi take the time to pass their blessings onto all of their wedding guests, family and loved ones, I knew that they were not only taking this responsibility seriously, but they were giving it their all.

Leanne and Nachi

The best part about all of this was that the widest I saw both of you smile, was when you looked into each others' eyes, and held one another in your arms. That, to me, is the most perfect thing.

I know with absolute certainty that you were meant for each other, and you will support one another through what will no doubt be a beautiful and inspiring marriage and life together! 

L'chaim and enjoy the pics!