Gabi and Adam @ Katy's Palace

Gabi and Adam - shooting your wedding was so great for me. It was genuine, real and left me buzzing with a playful energy of love, fun, dance and great vibes - in fact I can still feel it. 

The joy you showed when you hit that dance floor and the words with which you illustrated the strength of love you share with each other, and those closest to you, was inspiring.

The way both those young and old around you laugh, play and interact with you says so much about you as a couple and your families’ dynamics and really showcases a great model of how family love should be. 

Your relationship and commitment to each other is clearly powerful and unquestionable and will no doubt stand as an example to all that know you how to truly care for and appreciate one another on a level deeper than the norm. And Adam, I’ve got to say, for a guy that really didn’t want the lime light, you really brought the thunder with that speech! 

The way he feels about her 2.jpg

I hope this sneak peak leaves you guys glowing like it did us :)