Caren & Brad's Wedding Party

Dress Comp.jpg

Caren and Bradley just recently got married in Mauritius, and decided to have a wedding party in Joburg to celebrate with their family and friends. And what an awesome way to celebrate it was! I would go as far as calling it the ultimate comfort wedding. Beautiful decor met with joy in a picnic style setting, with perfectly paired carpets and cushions, created an almost Alice in Wonderland environment for everyone to kick back in. Ultimately, what stood out for me on the day was how much fun you guys had. At any given moment you were chatting and laughing with friends and family, enjoying every moment. The format in which you chose to celebrate your marriage, meant that you really got to spend the day with the people that were there to celebrate with you. The energy, emotion and vibe of a wedding speaks directly of the couple themselves. And the energy of your guests when they were celebrating you, tells the story of a couple that is loved and honoured by all of those closest to them.