Etana & Gilad at Royal Johannesburg & Kensington Golf Club

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Gilad and Etana! 

One of the many reasons I love shooting weddings is because it a chance for the beauty of two human beings to come to into the spotlight. Best of all is when those two human beings have in their personal and collective presence so much down to earth purity, and a grounded sense of who they are individually and together. It makes the shooting of their wedding all the more powerful. I think it’s clear to anyone that you guys connect in the healthiest way - a way that is complimentary and supportive to each other’s souls. 

I am fully confident you two will stand together in strength and continue to build up the community of loved ones around you - the people in your life shine when they look at and talk about you, and that is truly the measure of a person.

Enjoy these pictures, and go forth and be awesome together!