Kim & Mike at the Bryanston Country Club

Kim and Mike!

From the first time we met you guys we felt like we were sitting with old friends. There was such a strong sense of closeness from you and those around you guys on the day of your wedding. A strong sense of bonding that can becomes apparent from years of shared experiences of the truest kind.

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Kim, your attention to detail led to a perfectly executed wedding in every respect, even down to the incredible outfits you made for the kids to wear - I genuinely assumed they came from really high clothing labels before I was told that you made them!

Mike, your comfort and easy smiles in the company of everybody that you spent time with on the day was amazing to see, and showed the character of a man that is authentic and genuine, regardless of who's company he's in.

The two stood together as a couple that is clearly so loved. There was so much shared pride amongst your guests in your union and accomplishments, which really reflects in the most positive way on the two of you.

I look forward to seeing all of the amazing things the two of you will accomplish and share with the world in your future as husband and wife!