Shira & Ari at Oakfield Farm

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When I think back to this beautiful wedding, two words come to mind. Intention, and mindfulness.

These two words describe perfectly the strong, grounded sense of self and purpose that both Shira and Ari displayed on the day of their wedding.

It was clear that through the joyous noise of guests, family, fun, and all the little things that happen in the buildup to coming down the aisle, these two had their eye firmly on the prize, focusing beautifully on being in the moment and enjoying for what it really means.

Another word I'd use to describe this wedding is 'spirit'. The power of the community, friends and family around the two of you on the day was literally a tidal wave of powerful, positive energy, carrying you both into this marriage and the rest of your lives with so much love, passion and goodness that I have no doubt that around you two will form a solid and beautiful new branch of our community on which only goodness will flower.

Enjoy these pics and Mazeltov! Wishing you both so much goodness together as you begin the next chapter.