Taryn & David at the Houghton Golf Club


I was all set to shoot this beautiful wedding when I was hit suddenly and rather excruciatingly by a lower back spasm. This was literally the first and only time I've ever been unable to shoot something I've been booked for, and it was the worst. Luckily for anyone who has ever wondered, we always have a backup (mind the pun) plan, which includes at least one awkward and seriously disappointing call to the bride on the morning of her wedding! Thanks for being so chilled about it Taryn! I am so grateful to have Devin on hand with Dana, who were able to step in and do us proud. This wedding was captured with so much powerful emotion and and the strong sense of spirituality that comes with couples who are grounded as strongly as these two. There is a power in their connection that comes through so beautifully in this special gallery. Guys, your togetherness and ease on the day was beautiful. Wishing you so much goodness for the future as you embark on this journey together!