Cross Fit Hout Bay

Way back in 2009 I got my first office job. I was fresh out of Vega, having studied graphic design and marketing. I had always been a photographer and it had informed most of my work as a designer, and when it was time to find a place to intern at and I saw a poster for Nikon on the board at college, I just knew that was where I had to go. Not to mention I had just ordered my first DSLR, a Nikon D90. It was like it was meant to be.

I rocked up and got the job, and there at Nikon I learned so much of what I know today, as well as met many brilliant photographers, trainers and awesome folks that taught me a lot. 

But it was also there that I realised that there has to be more to life than sitting at a desk all day.

Josh, standing at the bar he built, in the gym he opened.

When I arrived I was given a desk next to a guy named Josh, he did all the web design and web mastery stuff for Nikon, and he basically became the guy who was going to show me the ropes, tell me where I could and couldn't park, which toilets were good for what and which were bad for what, who was who, which coffee cups to use, and where they kept the secret Nescafe, so I never had to suffer through the trauma of Ricoffy.

Uggh. Chicory.

Josh, having a cup of coffee, living the dream. 

Josh and I actually had a lot in common, and we became really good friends. We would spend hours talking about how badly we wanted to quit our jobs and go do something awesome with our lives. We would take coffee breaks and stand on the deck, staring over the fields of Kyalami, day dreaming about it, and commenting on the awesome lifestyles of the photographers who's work we were putting up on the website, and using in designs. 

I eventually left Nikon for another office job, albeit a little less desky, at a digital marketing agency, leaving Josh alone in the depths of his desk.

Well, the good news is that Josh did it. He eventually built up the courage, or got completely fed up, not sure which, and quit his desk job to open up his very own cross fit gym.

Ladies and gents, I give you the most casual, comfortable hand stander in the world.

It took a while to get it up and running, and he had to bust his balls in between to make it happen, but now he lives by the sea, with his girlfriend Debbie, a school teacher, who pushed alongside him all the way, smelling the sweet smell of the ocean (and occasionally the dog food company that uses the left over fish to make their food just down the road). He completely changed his life, and it's awesome.

Jumping onto a box.

He was part of my inspiration to start shooting full time, and has inspired so many other people to do the same, and change their lives for the better.

My fiance, Mandy, and I were in Cape Town recently and I took the opportunity to shoot a series of portraits of Josh in his new gym, and catch up. He's got himself an amazing space, built himself an awesome health bar, and is building up a solid client base. He knows his stuff, and if you're in his area, and want to become a cross fitter, then he is your man.

Here's to living the dream.