Bernard Brand Interview - How one hand written letter changed his career from boring IT stuff to full time photographer.

A few weeks ago I saw a post on social media that really struck me. You know when you see a post that just moves you in it's awesomeness. It was about a dude that hand wrote a letter that wound up completely changing his life, pulling him out of a career in IT, testing websites and doing boring stuff, to a way more awesome career in photography.

I may be biased, though.

If you've been thinking about making the transition from another career, then this is for you. I hope this helps you realise that it's totally possible, and it may even be a really good idea, if you can just get yourself to do it! 

The interview video/audio is at the bottom of the page, I've sneakily put some cool stuff to read between here and there.

This is the post, it's of a photographer (Bernard) carrying another tog (Ett) in order to illustrate how far he would go to assist a famous photographer in Atlanta if he would give him the opportunity.

It reads:

"...Flashback to the time I made a photo to illustrate to @zarias (Zack Arias) that I would even carry him around if I could intern for him. I never ended up needing to do that, however I did carry heavy gear bags..."

His hair is shorter now.

His hair is shorter now.

This post was by a dude I had met a handful of times through a mutual buddy who you might have heard of, Ett Venter.

The man in question was Bernard Brand, and he was talking about the time that he hand wrote a letter that completely changed his life. Now I had heard this story from Ett when I attended one of his workshops, about a guy that sent a hand written letter to an international photographer by the name of Zack Arias, based in Atlanta, asking to be his apprentice. 

Zack the man, looking cool.

Zack the man, looking cool.

Then I met Bernard. Then Bernard posted on social media.  Then I realised Bernard was that guy that sent that letter. Then I decided that Bernard's story was so epic that I had to call him in for a sit down interview so that we can share the awesomeness of this story with the world.

Shout out also has to go to Roxanne Beringer, my assistant that recently quit her job in the printing world to become a full time photographer herself. She helped to film, record and edit the final interview!

Some of Bernards work (click to enlarge):
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Some of Zack's work (also click to enlarge):
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Enjoy the interview, you can listen to it from Sound Cloud or download it to listen to later while you're driving, or watch and listen if you want to study my poor photographer's posture. 

Please note, we swear a bit. Sorry!


Listen (or download from Sound Cloud):